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Doug Easterday was born into the home of a Pastor and was raised in a conservative evangelical home.  He grew up in Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. He was a fun loving kid that always looked for ways to make a game out of anything. He played most sports and decided that basketball was his favorite. His life was church, sports and family. Since he attended church so very regularly, he learned many scriptural principles and memorized much Scripture.

A move to Minneapolis between his junior and senior year in high school began a significant change in his life.  Doug was married to his wife Joyce in December of 1969 in Minneapolis.  After a required time with the US Army (drafted), he went through a 7 year training period with Daystar Ministry, which focused on Christian community and helping people overcome the problems of their past. This set the course for the rest of his life.

He was sent by Daystar to south Texas where he pastored his first church and directed a ministry center. As he ministered he observed the church and the body of Christ at large. He noticed that many in the church were not happy. There was a difference between what the Word of God said and the way people were really living. They struggled with many issues and were not walking in victory.  The Holy Spirit set a burden in his heart for the Body of Christ to be healthy and fully alive and victorious in their walk with the Lord.

He became the director of the entire Daystar Christian Ministry in 1982. He pastored in Indiana and Oregon. His burden for a healthy church increased. Research and study uncovered that most Christians have a distorted view of God and His character. God gave him a gift of teaching and deep understandings that help people realize who God really is by overcoming the wrong concepts they have developed about God.

Doug has been traveling and speaking since 1979. He now teaches full-time at Youth With A Mission Bases, pastor’s conferences, churches, marriage retreats, youth camps, and family youth camps. Since 1997 God has opened doors for Doug to teach the Father Heart of God to Korean churches and YWAM KMTS students. His knowledge of the Korean culture and his love of the Korean people are resulting in more speaking engagements; now over 50% of Doug’s teaching is with Korean Christians.

Doug currently lives in Oregon and is on the Pastoral staff of Christ’s Center Church.  Doug and Joyce have three children that all live close to them in Oregon.  The oldest, Danny, is single and works as an accountant. Their oldest daughter Janell is married and works at the church where Doug is on staff.  Their youngest, Carlie, is married and has 3 children. Doug and Joyce enjoy their five  grandchildren, Jackson, Noah, Emmett, Jacobie and Aiden.

To contact Doug please email him: DougEasterday [at] me [dot] com

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